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Live Departure Boards for Northampton

Live arrivals

Live departures

London Midland Class 350 Desiro

London Midland Services

Timetables for all London Midland services can be found here.

How long is my train? 0600 - 0900 departures to London Euston (Monday-Friday):

Formed of 4 coaches

Formed of 8 coaches

Formed of 12 coaches


0617, 0638, 0805, 0825

0700, 0713, 0732, 0739

1645 - 1946 departures from London Euston (Monday-Friday):

Formed of 4 coaches

Formed of 8 coaches

Formed of 12 coaches


1724, 1805, 1829, 1913

1648, 1713, 1746, 1751, 1813, 1849

Sitting comfortably? London Midland have produced guides to help you find a seat in the morning and evening peaks. These can be found here.

All Northampton services are operated by Class 350 Desiros - with the exception of the 1805 Monday-Friday departure from London Euston, which is formed of 2 Class 321 units.

Virgin Class 221 Super Voyager

Virgin Trains Services

Timetables for all Virgin Trains services can be found here.


0642 Northampton - London Euston, arriving 0730.

This service is formed of a 5-car Class 221 Super Voyager.

2245 Wolverhampton - Northampton, arriving 0005.

This service is formed of a Class 390 Pendolino.


2237 Wolverhampton - Northampton, arriving 2353.

This service is formed of a Class 390 Pendolino.

All diagrams/formations on this page are as accurate as possible - and are subject to change without notice. NRUG take no responsibility for changes to the above information.